Skal Boston Summer Contest: Hospitality Heroes


Contest Announcement: Boston Skålleagues please send us your stories of individuals from the hospitality industry in our region doing outstanding things to embody the spirit of Skål during these difficult times for the tourism industry. 

Four winners will be selected by the board and announced in late September. Each will receive a $250 gift certificate from one of our Skål Boston member businesses and their story will be promoted on our social media channels.

Nominations will be accepted until August 31. Skalleagues you can nominate yourself if you’d like to. Please include a photo of the individual with the submission. Your submission of stories/photos will be considered as having granted us permission to share the stories and photos online for this contest. The Club will randomly draw four member businesses to purchase the $250 gift certificates from and those businesses will receive additional social media exposure during this contest period. 

Meanwhile, member businesses who would like to promote a reopening special, please forward that information with a photo and we will attempt to promote it online as a part of this contest. We will also be featuring member businesses on our social media channels weekly at random. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what your fellow members are up to, and please share!

Send your stories or questions to